Sunday, January 23, 2011

Under Construction....

Welcome to my Blog!

Please pardon its appearance as I am trying to get it up and running.  Please feel free to follow me, I assure you it will be up and running VERY soon.  I have been working day and night! :)

Anyway, let me tell you a little about myself...
My name is Jennifer. I live in Staten Island, NY with my hubby and 2 little girls.  As a little girl I always loved dollhouses and miniatures.  When I was a preteen my dad bought me an allison junior that we built together, but as I grew my intrests turned to many other things (typical teenager things...boys, parties ha!).  So, my poor dollhouse was pushed aside. 

Thankfully, the dollhouse has stayed with me through all these years (Im 29yrs old now, yikes!).  I was actually using it as a bookshelf in my kids bedroom.  So I was looking at it and thought "how terrible to allow this beautiful house to be left unfinished"... and there my journey has begun again and I couldn't be happier!

On my blog I will be showing my progress as I move along and also selling items from popular companies like houseworks, Lees line and more!

After seeing how the local craft stores in my area dramatically hike up the prices (atleast threfold!) and decided to start up my own business and sell these items at appropriate costs.   I hope you enjoy my blog.

Contact me at and let me know what you  need. I will respond with availability and costs.  Dont hesitate to contact me to spite my blog in progress.  Im looking forward to meeting and hearing from all of you! :)

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