Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Items listed on Ebay

I have been MIA for a little while. We have had a few days of nice weather here in New York and I have been out in the yard every chance I can get! Its too early for planting just yet ,but I have been rearranging some plants and trees around the yard. 
This morning my  husband got home from working his night shift and I asked him to help me move a tree in the back yard.  Its an evergreen tree so its really not difficult to move... WELL, I would have never been able to do it by myself!! First of all the place where I wanted to plant it was full of very large roots from an old Oak tree that was planted in my neighbors yard.  Some of the roots were about 5 inches in diameter.  Well my hubby chopped them all out, dug up my tree and replanted it for me. :))

Here is a pic of the tree in its new spot, next to my kids playhouse....

Now back to "mini" world....
As you know I added the addition to both sides of the house.  Wow, this thing is huge now!!  Cant wait to decorate the interior!  I added a bay window to the right side. I love bay windows and really wanted one on my dollhouse.  As I have also said before I want this house to be everything that I want it to be.. I want to be happy with the end result. The window is in now, but still needs work. I am waiting for a shipment of some windows and other building components so I can finish the exterior. Once that is done Im going to move onto lighting I think.  In the mean time, I moved the house into MY baywindow :)

Here is a pic of the house with its new window and addition.....

Here is a pic of the house in MY bay window :))

Last but not least... I listed a few miniature items on ebay items on Ebay.

First is a Houseworks Victorian Oval Door... Here is the link to view the item

Second is a Houseworks Single French Door.... Here is the link to view item

And Finally is Houseworks Antique White Carpeting.. Here is the link for that item....

I will be posting items frequently. Please let me know which items you would like to see posted or if you need an specific item you can contact me and I will give you a price. 

Contact me at

Thank You for reading!! -Jen :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally sitting down.... Atleast I got another extension added!! plus New items!!

Wow I had a busy couple of weeks!  Worked like a mad lady... well it was a lot to me.   Anyway, update on my alison 'not so junior'...

I added an extention to the other side with the additional roof I made from plywood.  I can't believe how big it is now!! Im so excited! Here is a pic of it below...

and with shingles and main paint color....

I can't wait to get working on the interior, but I am trying not to rush it...  Dollhouse miniature projects simply cannot be rushed. If you do you usually end up with something you are really not happy with.  My first dollhouse I was so excited and really rushed trying to get it finished... including buying furniture and all.  Although I never really finished it, I wasnt happy with it at all. I didnt like the things I bought for it becuase I bought the cheaper items bc I was buying everything so quickly.
Well, I have learned my lesson and am getting exactly what I want for this dollhouse. I may not be able to get most of these things right away, but saaving money for them and waiting it out is definately worth it.  You are so much happy with your investment then if you rush and just buy what ever is cheapest.

On that note, I do have amazing couches and matching coffee tables for sale.
They are gorgeous! I love the detail and they are excellent quality.

The sofa/couch is "Shabby Chic Sofa" by Lee's Line

New"shabby chic" style sofa with a square back, rounded arms and softly pleated skirt.  Coordinated pink floral fabric with a micro pink check fabric.  The floral fabric has been used on the arm fronts, the seat cushions, seat backs and the trim around the skirt.  The sofa comes with two matching pillows and both the sofa and pillows are beautifully finished in a coordinating mauve trim. The feet are wood. 
1:12 scale
Sofa: Length: 6-1/8", Height: 2-7/8", Depth: 2-1/4"
Pillows: Length: 1-3/8", Width: 1-1/4", Thickness: 1/2"

$30.00 each

Contact me at to make a purchase.

The coffee table is also by Lee's Line

This is a very stylish coffee table in a painted white finish. The piece has two recessed panel working drawers with matching wood knobs in the middle with open shelves on both ends. Two removable faux "wicker" baskets (made of resin) with open hand-pulls are included. Use the baskets on the shelves or remove them and add a plant, magazines, etc. on the shelves.

1:12 scale
Table: Length: 4", Height: 1-5/8", Width: 2" (Shelves have 1-1/8" clearance)
Baskets: Width: 15/16, Height: 1-1/16", Depth: 1-1/2"

$24.00 each

Contact me at to make a purchase.

Im working very hard at getting items into an online store to make it easier to make purchases. I will have a link on my blog once its set up.
Let me know what type of items you want to see in the store most.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Very long week.... But atleast the roof is just about finished!

Wow, I had a pretty long week. Well, it was a long one for me.  I usually only work outside of the house 1 day per week. (Im home with the kids). This week I worked 3 days straight. Hubby was off this week so I took advantage and worked a few to make some extra money.

I was anxious to get home yesterday, planning on playing games with the kids and maybe doing some minis... too bad I didnt get home until 1030pm!  Rough day!  It started with a clogged sewer that needed to be flushed.. but of course the "regular" sized snake didnt work so they had to haul in the big one, and of course the price refelected that!  I guess its a good thing I worked to pay it off....  do we ever get ahead??  Doesnt seem to work out for us...

Anyway, after that I get a call from my mom telling me my grandma is being sent to the hospital... ugh! So went there right after worked and stayed for a few hours. Dont worry, she is fine and Im sure will be sent home today.  Then I get to my truck and it wont start... ugh! Seriously! I couldnt help but laugh because this was just the type of day I was having... but luckily after 10 tries it finally started up!  Hubby is at the mechanic today changing the battery. Its shot... Its over 5 years old. 

Now that everything is settled down (for the most part) I cant wait to get back to minis!! My addition for the other side of the house came yesterday. Which might I add was so great to see on the dining room table when I got in last night :) hehe.  Im hoping i can atleast get that put together today.

Here is a pic of the house now, with the shingles applied...

I will be posting again later tonight with my progress today as well as a surprise that I have available for sale. Im sure you are going to love them!!!  I know I do! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Proud of my new roof!

Busy day for me today!  Started out at the gym. I want to start going in the morning, it leads to much for productive days for me.  Its tough getting up and getting both myself and my 2 girls ready but we managed today.

After getting home and taking a shower I decided to get to costco to get things for my daughters 4th birthday party on saturday.  We are supposed to get hit with terrible weather tomorrow so I didnt want to take a change of not being able to get there before the party.

Anyway, I had limited "miniature time" today  but I think I actually accomplished alot....

I wanted to add a roof to the top of the junior addition but wasnt exactly sure how to go about it.  So, after staring at the house again and again I think I figured it out....  So of course I started by measurng and tracing it onto plywood. Then the fun begins...

I used my husbands small circular saw to cut it, its actually the perfect size for me.... It looks big in the picture but I think its about 1/2 the size of a regular one.

After all the measuring, cutting and sanding this is how it ended up....

Next step is to shingle and stain it.  I am undecided about putting a window in it... I am adding another addition to the other side, so I dont think it need the window.  The roof on the opposite side will even it out and make it more pleasing to the eye.

This house is going to be fun to all lights too... I have TONS of ideas for exterior lighting!  But Im trying not to jump the gun hehe :)

Have a good night everyone! Thanks again for checking out my blog

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Window Change on Alison Jr

So, my old alison jr needed more TLC then I had thought...  after painting it just was not happy with how it was looking. So I decided to replace all the windows in it. 

I replaced all the windows with HOUSEWORKS Victorian Non-Working windows.

From the inside I took my husbands hammer and simply hit the old windows until they popped out.  The only difficult part was fitting the hammer into some of the rooms. 

I decided to paint them with a green, lavendar and gray.  I was having a very hard time choosing the colors but I think my final choice was a very good one. 

I also changed all the shutters the houseworks louvered shutters and painted them lavender as well to complement the small details in the window that were also painted lavendar.

Of course it was time consuming painting them and after painting each window over and over I did think about just painting them one color but I took my time and did each one and the results I think are great!  Well worth the time and effort.

The door is also a houseworks item--  houseworks victorian oval door.  I decided to stain it to give it a little contrast from the rest of the house and I added the crystal knob. The knob is my favorite part!! hehe

I have to end this post here.... It is 256 am!  Will post more progress this week.  If you have a second please vote on my poll on the left side of this blog. Let me know what items you would like available for purchase.

If you need or want an item that I do not have posted as available, please contact me first at and I will let you know if I can get it for you.  I will be posting some furniture from Lees Line soon.

Thanks for looking at my blog! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Under Construction....

Welcome to my Blog!

Please pardon its appearance as I am trying to get it up and running.  Please feel free to follow me, I assure you it will be up and running VERY soon.  I have been working day and night! :)

Anyway, let me tell you a little about myself...
My name is Jennifer. I live in Staten Island, NY with my hubby and 2 little girls.  As a little girl I always loved dollhouses and miniatures.  When I was a preteen my dad bought me an allison junior that we built together, but as I grew my intrests turned to many other things (typical teenager things...boys, parties ha!).  So, my poor dollhouse was pushed aside. 

Thankfully, the dollhouse has stayed with me through all these years (Im 29yrs old now, yikes!).  I was actually using it as a bookshelf in my kids bedroom.  So I was looking at it and thought "how terrible to allow this beautiful house to be left unfinished"... and there my journey has begun again and I couldn't be happier!

On my blog I will be showing my progress as I move along and also selling items from popular companies like houseworks, Lees line and more!

After seeing how the local craft stores in my area dramatically hike up the prices (atleast threfold!) and decided to start up my own business and sell these items at appropriate costs.   I hope you enjoy my blog.

Contact me at and let me know what you  need. I will respond with availability and costs.  Dont hesitate to contact me to spite my blog in progress.  Im looking forward to meeting and hearing from all of you! :)