Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Items listed on Ebay

I have been MIA for a little while. We have had a few days of nice weather here in New York and I have been out in the yard every chance I can get! Its too early for planting just yet ,but I have been rearranging some plants and trees around the yard. 
This morning my  husband got home from working his night shift and I asked him to help me move a tree in the back yard.  Its an evergreen tree so its really not difficult to move... WELL, I would have never been able to do it by myself!! First of all the place where I wanted to plant it was full of very large roots from an old Oak tree that was planted in my neighbors yard.  Some of the roots were about 5 inches in diameter.  Well my hubby chopped them all out, dug up my tree and replanted it for me. :))

Here is a pic of the tree in its new spot, next to my kids playhouse....

Now back to "mini" world....
As you know I added the addition to both sides of the house.  Wow, this thing is huge now!!  Cant wait to decorate the interior!  I added a bay window to the right side. I love bay windows and really wanted one on my dollhouse.  As I have also said before I want this house to be everything that I want it to be.. I want to be happy with the end result. The window is in now, but still needs work. I am waiting for a shipment of some windows and other building components so I can finish the exterior. Once that is done Im going to move onto lighting I think.  In the mean time, I moved the house into MY baywindow :)

Here is a pic of the house with its new window and addition.....

Here is a pic of the house in MY bay window :))

Last but not least... I listed a few miniature items on ebay items on Ebay.

First is a Houseworks Victorian Oval Door... Here is the link to view the item

Second is a Houseworks Single French Door.... Here is the link to view item

And Finally is Houseworks Antique White Carpeting.. Here is the link for that item....

I will be posting items frequently. Please let me know which items you would like to see posted or if you need an specific item you can contact me and I will give you a price. 

Contact me at

Thank You for reading!! -Jen :)

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