Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally sitting down.... Atleast I got another extension added!! plus New items!!

Wow I had a busy couple of weeks!  Worked like a mad lady... well it was a lot to me.   Anyway, update on my alison 'not so junior'...

I added an extention to the other side with the additional roof I made from plywood.  I can't believe how big it is now!! Im so excited! Here is a pic of it below...

and with shingles and main paint color....

I can't wait to get working on the interior, but I am trying not to rush it...  Dollhouse miniature projects simply cannot be rushed. If you do you usually end up with something you are really not happy with.  My first dollhouse I was so excited and really rushed trying to get it finished... including buying furniture and all.  Although I never really finished it, I wasnt happy with it at all. I didnt like the things I bought for it becuase I bought the cheaper items bc I was buying everything so quickly.
Well, I have learned my lesson and am getting exactly what I want for this dollhouse. I may not be able to get most of these things right away, but saaving money for them and waiting it out is definately worth it.  You are so much happy with your investment then if you rush and just buy what ever is cheapest.

On that note, I do have amazing couches and matching coffee tables for sale.
They are gorgeous! I love the detail and they are excellent quality.

The sofa/couch is "Shabby Chic Sofa" by Lee's Line

New"shabby chic" style sofa with a square back, rounded arms and softly pleated skirt.  Coordinated pink floral fabric with a micro pink check fabric.  The floral fabric has been used on the arm fronts, the seat cushions, seat backs and the trim around the skirt.  The sofa comes with two matching pillows and both the sofa and pillows are beautifully finished in a coordinating mauve trim. The feet are wood. 
1:12 scale
Sofa: Length: 6-1/8", Height: 2-7/8", Depth: 2-1/4"
Pillows: Length: 1-3/8", Width: 1-1/4", Thickness: 1/2"

$30.00 each

Contact me at to make a purchase.

The coffee table is also by Lee's Line

This is a very stylish coffee table in a painted white finish. The piece has two recessed panel working drawers with matching wood knobs in the middle with open shelves on both ends. Two removable faux "wicker" baskets (made of resin) with open hand-pulls are included. Use the baskets on the shelves or remove them and add a plant, magazines, etc. on the shelves.

1:12 scale
Table: Length: 4", Height: 1-5/8", Width: 2" (Shelves have 1-1/8" clearance)
Baskets: Width: 15/16, Height: 1-1/16", Depth: 1-1/2"

$24.00 each

Contact me at to make a purchase.

Im working very hard at getting items into an online store to make it easier to make purchases. I will have a link on my blog once its set up.
Let me know what type of items you want to see in the store most.

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