Friday, February 11, 2011

Very long week.... But atleast the roof is just about finished!

Wow, I had a pretty long week. Well, it was a long one for me.  I usually only work outside of the house 1 day per week. (Im home with the kids). This week I worked 3 days straight. Hubby was off this week so I took advantage and worked a few to make some extra money.

I was anxious to get home yesterday, planning on playing games with the kids and maybe doing some minis... too bad I didnt get home until 1030pm!  Rough day!  It started with a clogged sewer that needed to be flushed.. but of course the "regular" sized snake didnt work so they had to haul in the big one, and of course the price refelected that!  I guess its a good thing I worked to pay it off....  do we ever get ahead??  Doesnt seem to work out for us...

Anyway, after that I get a call from my mom telling me my grandma is being sent to the hospital... ugh! So went there right after worked and stayed for a few hours. Dont worry, she is fine and Im sure will be sent home today.  Then I get to my truck and it wont start... ugh! Seriously! I couldnt help but laugh because this was just the type of day I was having... but luckily after 10 tries it finally started up!  Hubby is at the mechanic today changing the battery. Its shot... Its over 5 years old. 

Now that everything is settled down (for the most part) I cant wait to get back to minis!! My addition for the other side of the house came yesterday. Which might I add was so great to see on the dining room table when I got in last night :) hehe.  Im hoping i can atleast get that put together today.

Here is a pic of the house now, with the shingles applied...

I will be posting again later tonight with my progress today as well as a surprise that I have available for sale. Im sure you are going to love them!!!  I know I do! :)

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