Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Proud of my new roof!

Busy day for me today!  Started out at the gym. I want to start going in the morning, it leads to much for productive days for me.  Its tough getting up and getting both myself and my 2 girls ready but we managed today.

After getting home and taking a shower I decided to get to costco to get things for my daughters 4th birthday party on saturday.  We are supposed to get hit with terrible weather tomorrow so I didnt want to take a change of not being able to get there before the party.

Anyway, I had limited "miniature time" today  but I think I actually accomplished alot....

I wanted to add a roof to the top of the junior addition but wasnt exactly sure how to go about it.  So, after staring at the house again and again I think I figured it out....  So of course I started by measurng and tracing it onto plywood. Then the fun begins...

I used my husbands small circular saw to cut it, its actually the perfect size for me.... It looks big in the picture but I think its about 1/2 the size of a regular one.

After all the measuring, cutting and sanding this is how it ended up....

Next step is to shingle and stain it.  I am undecided about putting a window in it... I am adding another addition to the other side, so I dont think it need the window.  The roof on the opposite side will even it out and make it more pleasing to the eye.

This house is going to be fun to all lights too... I have TONS of ideas for exterior lighting!  But Im trying not to jump the gun hehe :)

Have a good night everyone! Thanks again for checking out my blog

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  1. That's a nice doll house you have there. If this were real, it would probably be a beautiful house. I was looking for ideas for my house renovation and you've just given the solution to my problem. Thanks!

    Adam Waterford